Loewe Fall 2014 at Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week was alive with some of the most thrilling, innovative designs imaginable, coming from designers from different walks of life.

Standing out from the crowd was difficult this year, but British designer Jonathan Andersen managed to succeed nonetheless. The concepts he unveiled at the show for Spanish brand Loewe truly captivated the audience. It’s clear that Loewe wants to establish new ideas that are going to dominate the season, and generate positive buzz in the world of Paris Fashion Week. They looked to Andersen to make that happen, and it would seem that Andersen had little trouble in answering the call.

Andersen unveiled his designs at the gorgeous outdoor sculpture garden known as Unesco. The show attempted to bring together a dizzying array of ideas under a single roof. To that end, the show succeeded in a number of ways. It wasn’t at all strange to see oversized softened leather trouser concepts, featuring clarion shades of periwinkle or daffodil-yellow, with a leather belt that can be found at the waist. This is just one of the things that made up Andersen’s show. Tops that displayed the upper stomach in a rather unique way were not uncommon either.

And then there were the handbags. Loewe Fall 2014 at Paris Fashion Week featured more handbags than people usually see at a PFW show, which is saying something. The handbags all on their own truly emphasized the diversity concept that Loewe and Andersen were trying to create at the show. A python tote was as common a sight, as something that someone might mistake for a small picnic basket.

Handbags have the ability to speak volumes of a person’s attitude. The handbags offered here seemed to have a keen interest in covering every single fashion sensibility imaginable. A lot of people think Andersen achieved that goal in fine form.

In the end, the emphasis for the show was to create fashion possibilities that were not going to live and die by the seasons. Andersen wanted to create things that could potentially exist and be seen on the streets at any point in the year. You can certainly see that philosophy in the handbag assortment. Andersen also believed it was important for his creations to avoid a close-knit association with a specific style tribe.

Some are skeptical as to whether or not Andersen actually achieved this. Others claim he was wildly successful. The one thing that is definitely for certain is that people are talking.

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