Don’t Be in a Style Conundrum During Changing Weather

The transition from autumn to winter can be a big one. Temperatures being to drop, closets start to transition, and so do fashion trends. But you can still stay darling in accessories and styles meant to help you bridge the autumn to winter gap. In this post, we will tell you more about the transitional styles we have noticed lately on the catwalk. Chances are, you probably already have some of these in your wardrobe. It’s just time to bust them out already.

Try Outrageous Accessories

Loud and proud seems to be the theme for accessories this season. Huge statement artwork jewelry is back in style. Aviators in bright colors were also spotted in Louis Vuitton’s last show. Heavyweight, chunky flatform shoe, along with really heavy wedges are back on the shoe scene. Both Jimmy Choo and Prada have designed some of these for this upcoming season. We also love the trend toward making loud rainwear part of everyday fashion wear. Some designers, like Moschino and House of Holland have went wildly into left field with their accessories (and outfits) this season, decorating them with popular cartoon character, bright colors, and more.

Mute the Tones

Summer means it is time to start slowly muting our colors and tones down. But instead of going straight to black, autumn is the perfect time to bust out the caramels, tans, and lovely browns. Khaki tones are back for every day wear. Pair them with some brown eye shadow and you are good to go. You can also feel free to try out outfits with a smoky element to their colors. Valentino seems to be a big fan of this trend. We recommend you wear these in the evening, after the night has fallen.

Break out the Layers

We love that autumn and winter is the time of year for layers. Before you break out your winter coat this year, think about layering. Cardigans are again a huge fashion do. Miu Miu featured several of them in their latest show. A light jacket might also be great. Lighter leather jackets cut above the knee seem to be all the rage this autumn season. Just see the latest show from Saint Laurent. And the ever present scarf is back. But this year it is more luxurious and longer than ever. Add a pop of color with a funky print on your scarf.

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