Tips for Staying Warm and Fashionable During Winter

With the colder months quickly approaching, we are finding ourselves digging for a large and oversized sweaters just to stay warm. Although the sweaters keep us comfortable, they aren’t exactly the most fashionable things to wear. But don’t worry: there are an array of different ways that you can keep yourself warm and fashionable during the winter. Below are just a few tips that you should consider adding to your wardrobe to stay trendy and bundled up.

Tip 1: Taking Advantage of Layers

This is the number one rule for staying warm and fashionable during the winter, take advantage of layers! You can wear some of your cutest pieces together to create a put together look that will keep you comfortable throughout the day. As an example, throw your favorite t-shirt on with a hip sweater and a peacoat. For your shoes, consider wearing leggings with leg warmers and boots. The options are completely endless when it comes to layering and it is quite simple to do.

Tip 2: Wrapping Layers

If you have the perfect outfit for a special occasion and you can’t put a jacket on, wraps are a great way to layer without taking away from your outfit. Consider using shawls or even ponchos to keep most of your body warm and cozy. Wrapping layers are fantastic as a type of accessory that will be practical and fashionable at the same time. Not to mention that wraps can be worn in a hundred different ways.

Tip 3: Fur (or Faux Fur) Accents

Depending on your preference, using fur or faux fur accents can help to keep your outfit current and particular parts of your body warm. Think about fur earmuffs, mittens, or even scarves to keep you warm and stylish. You can even recycle old fur accessories to make new ones for next season.

Tip 4: Lots and Lots of Hats

The must-have accessory during the winter has always been hats. With that being said, you don’t have to resort to the traditional beanie that you always wore as a child. Whether you go for big hats, vintage hats, or fur hats, they are all the rage this season. Every store carries an array of incredibly trendy hats that will keep your head warm and pull your outfit together when you’re going out on the town. With so many choices the only difficult part of wearing a hat is you won’t know which one to choose.

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