Staying Stylish in the Cold and Protecting Your Skin

When the weather turns cold and you have to start putting on the layers to keep the chill out it is a great opportunity to try out some new looks! The cold of the winter does not mean that you have to stash all of your summer dresses.

You can keep them handy and layer them with a turtle neck underneath a great pair of leggings with boots makes for a great cold weather outfit. A vest, a scarf and some stylish gloves and you are not only on point style wise but you are also doing a good job of protecting your skin.

Stylish Winter Skin

A lot of women do not do a good job of protecting their skin from the elements. Just like you have to be diligent about your skin in the summer and protect it from the sun you have to do the same in the winter. The sun is still ever present so do not forget about your sun block.

Covering up as much of your skin as possible in the winter will help to minimize chapped and dried out skin. Of course a good moisturizer is an absolute necessity in those cold days of winter that can really cause havoc on your skin.

Keeping your skin in top form can mean utilizing all the accessories that you can get your hands on like gloves, hats, sun glasses, scarves whatever it takes to cover up. While it is fine to layer up you summer duds to create some cute outfits you want to make sure that your skin is protected from the elements there is nothing cute about dry chapped hands.

There is also nothing cute about a red nose that is a bit dry and flaky, cover it all up and save your skin this winter. Use a good sunblock, use a good moisturizer and cover up you will be glad you did.

Healthy Skin is Stylish

While you may stay covered up the majority of the winter, the spring will be back and you want your skin to look amazing when it rolls back around. A few extra steps in the morning and a little extra care and your healthy skin will be in style for the big spring time reveal.

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