Must Have Spring Wardrobe Additions

Have you changed over your wardrobe for springtime, yet? If not, it is not too late. But the time is drawing ever nearer for new fashion fads to welcome warmer weather again. Here, we will look into great spring wardrobe additions that you need. Although you may not be able to find great pieces in each of these categories, you should strive to purchase at least one of them before spring gets in full swing. Then, pair it with your latest wardrobe additions, as well as transitional items from winter.

Leggings That Pop

Leggings are fantastic for so many reasons. Firstly, they allow you to wear lovely skirts and dresses even on days when the air is still a bit chilly. Secondly, they can make you feel more confident in shorter dresses. For years, however, leggings have just sort of sunk into the background of outfits. Even top designers have largely ignored them. But with the newest legging trends, leggings can also be an important fashion piece in and of themselves. Look for leggings with bold, wild prints. For inspiration on how to wear this trend, check out the recent shows by Dsquared2 and Missoni.

Comfy Shoes

Heels are so gorgeous. But they can be horrible on our backs and feet. This spring, thankfully, fashion trends in shoes are giving our feet a rest. Among the most popular trends in shoes are flats and sneakers. As spring transitions into summer, you will also be sure to see more slides out there, as well. Pair sneakers with more casual and sporty looks. Both slides, as well as flats, can be paired with anything from skirts to tailored pants to jeans. For a real fashion one-two punch, pair these shoes with leggings or popular colors this season.

Live on the Fringes

One of the most recent fashion trends that we have noticed on the runway is that of fringes. This bohemian look is showing up on maxi skirts, blouses, as well as handbags, and on every fabric from denim to leather. These handbags can be paired with nearly any outfit without looking silly. But fringes on clothes do not always work so well when paired with other clothing items. Look for a pairing piece that uses minimalist and clean lines. It should look thoroughly modern so that people do not think that you look a bit like a cowboy.

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