5 Fabulous Ways to Do Denim In Your Office


Let’s face it – corporate attire can get real boring real fast. Sometimes, we office workers just want to take a load off and dress a little more casual for those long days pushing pencils. While most employers won’t allow dressing down, we’ve found a way to wear something that allows a little more comfort without getting called into your boss’s office.

Say hello to denim office wear. Yes, denim is definitely a no-no in most office areas, but wearing it the right way might just give you the chance to dress more casually, without having to sacrifice that sophisticated look.

  1. Traditional jeans – Think incognito. You might be thinking, I can’t get away with that, there is a right way to wear traditional jeans without getting caught. Go for darker denim shades and a sleek cut. Cigarette pants work freakishly well for that office attire look. Match up your jeans with a deadly pair of classic heels, a classic white button down, and a trendy, crisp coat, and you’re ready to work it.
  2. Denim skirt – So, maybe it’s not Friday yet or you’re just not the wear-pants-to-work type. Donning a denim pencil skirt could save you the discomfort of walking around in its tight corporate counterpart. Throw on a frilly, silk blouse and a pair of your favorite heels and no one will ever be able to tell.
  3. Faux slacks – And we’re back to denim pants, but this time, as faux slacks. Get the loose cut ones that fit just like corporate pants and choose a greyish black color to conceal the fact that they’re jeans. Just match it up with a sophisticated blouse, tuck it in, and put on a sleek black belt, and you’re good to go.
  4. Denim top – If your workplace is just too strict about the whole denim pants thing (despite the fact that we so made it work in numbers 1 and 3), then maybe it’s time to take a different spin on denim. Try using a light denim top and match it up with your favorite pencil skirt staple or a pair of your ever trusty corporate pants. There’s no way they’ll call you out for this look.
  5. Denim dress – Feeling a little lazy to throw together a three piece outfit? Then a denim dress is the way to go. There are lots of jean dresses that mimic LBD’s, and they’re super easy to find. Just match your dark denim dress with a crisp coat of your choice, and viola, you’re ready to strut your stuff in the office!


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