Quintessential Tips for a Fashionable Spring


Style is always subjective. But fashion is not. What is perceived as fashionable would be influenced more by trends than personal choice. You are free to pick and choose what you would wear to the Spring parties or at work. However, if you wish to make a statement then here are some quintessential tips for a fashionable Spring.

  • This year, it is all about being chic. Bucket hats and loose linen are in this season. Tie-dye and batik clothing are making heads turn. Even if you are not heading for the beach, you can easily sport them while socializing.
  • The cold shoulder trend pops in and out of vogue. 2016 seems to mark the return of the cold shoulder silhouettes. It is only likely that summer will make way for more dresses and particularly tops with cold shoulder designs.
  • The puffy shirt is back and how. The puffy shirts that featured at the New York Fashion Week are clearly more distinct with their shapes and colors. It is no longer the age of subtle puffy shirts. They have gotten bigger and more pronounced.
  • There is no rule that says you should be fashionable out on the street, at work or at parties. You can be fashionable at home as well. Pajamas have undergone an aesthetic transformation in a literal sense. We are observing an emergency of dresses that are a combine of daywear and sleepwear. That is not just great fashion but useful pragmatism.
  • Traditionally, dresses that pump up some volume have been rather uncomfortable or too fussy to contain. Managing them is a herculean task. Check out the latest collections at the upscale stores this Spring and you would find some really cool pieces that are voluminous yet light, gorgeous yet manageable. The collections are no longer over the top designs that strike no resonance for real women with conventional jobs.
  • Let us talk about colors now. Spring is the most colorful time of the year and if you don’t emulate the same in your wardrobe then you are clearly missing the point. This year, it is all about orange and blue. If it was about sophistry this time last year then it is brightness and jolly hues this year. Also, gold is making a nice comeback so watch out.
  • Fringes are making a comeback as well but in a redefined way. The western fringe is making way for velvety fringes that are usually associated with scarves.


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