Fashion Trend for Summer 2016: Floral Dresses


Floral dresses are back. But that’s not a surprise. Every year, floral dresses fly off the shelves from spring through summer. Only a few women fashion trends have stood the test of time and floral dresses are certainly one of them. You may be amazed if you do not know already that the concept of floral patterns date back to eighth century Japan. In the west, floral dresses have made headway time and again but did not become an eternal trend till the sixties. For over half a century now, every year has witnessed the resurgence of the floral dresses.

Like any other year, the summer of 2016 is going to witness a few subtle and a few not so subtle changes to the traditional or now contemporary floral dresses. This year, it is about floral dresses that are less flowery. Yes, exact shapes and contours of flowers are taking a backseat and paving the way for mishmash of colors. Most designers have gone for rather bright and dark prints. The lighthearted hues with subtle and soothing effects for the easy to please are out of vogue this year.

In other words, don’t think of light pink or lavender. Instead, think of navy, black and aubergine. Let go of indigo and pale shades of white or yellow. Embrace red and orange, the colors of cherries and berries. The resurgence of strong shades was only overdue given the dominance of lighter hues for a while now. However, don’t just pick floral dresses randomly that sport a bright, dominant, saturated and dark hue.

You need to ensure that the color and its shade are right for you, that you don’t overdo it and that you strike the right balance of colors. Yes, it is not about one color. Floral dresses this year are about a combination of several colors, complementing or contrasting one another. What you need to pick is a set of colors that may complement or contrast one another but should have a neutral color balancing out the difference or connecting the two without a shock for the senses.

From white to black, various neutral shades in the spectrum are making their way to rather vibrant and interesting floral dresses this year. You just need to pick the right style, the ideal colors and the perfect accessories. Floral dresses are often complete with fitting hats or scarves, an apt brooch or anything else that you may fancy and find suitable for your style.

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