How to Rock the Polka Dot Trend


If you want to look fashionable this upcoming Fall season, you need to know about the latest trends. This Fall, bold patterns are going to be what is hot. This means that you need to know how to rock polka dots if you want to be stylish and in trend. Polka dots might not seem like a pattern that can be flattering, but you will be surprised. You just need to know the tips that allow you to wear this type of pattern in a way that adds to your overall style.

Here are the ways that you can wear polka dots and still look like a fashionista this Fall:

Polka Dot Denim

One trend that is hot on the runway, but also in the streets is polka dot patterned denim. This means that dark blue jeans with white polka dots can be a must have item for your fall wardrobe. This denim can add a lot of versatility to your closet and look best when paired with a top that is more basic. This means that you do not want to wear a patterned top with denim polka dot jeans, but you can wear a white blouse or a top that is in a more neutral color. The style possibilities really are endless and it allows your look to be a bit more striking even when you are just casual in denim. This is a look that is playful, but is still chic at the same time which can be hard to do.

Mixed Prints

If you really want to stand out and make a style statement, it might be time that you joined in on the mixed print trend. This means that you should try wearing a polka dot blouse with a short mini skirt that features another bold pattern. When you pair the two together, this will create a style that looks cohesive, but also stands out. Just make sure that the color patterns of each go together, so that they look good when paired. Polka dots are always a popular pattern choice, so they should be a wardrobe staple if you want to pull off the mixed print look this fall. You can never have enough polka dot prints in your wardrobe. The pattern that you can mix polka dots with seamlessly is typically more floral patterns. This creates a look that is simply stunning and effortless.

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